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Awning / Hopper

Awning / Hopper

The Grandura awning window gives homeowners a unique decorative accent, and the hopper is a stylish basement window offering unmatched security and thermal performance. For a custom and spacious interior look, consider awning and picture replacement window combinations.

• Top-hinged window opens outward
• Attractive beveled frame
• Fusion-welded corners
• Multi-chambered frame and sash
• Extruded aluminum full-screen frame has fiberglass mesh with memory
• Available in an array of colors with optional woodgrain interiors and decorative glass




Scissor Operators

Our awning window opens smoothly with a low-friction scissor-action roto operator and easy to use folding crank handle.



This attractive, fixed basement window is a stylish performer that complements all windows in the Grandura collection.



Operating Handle

This stainless steel hardware offers a streamlined look with an improved sequential locking mechanism.

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