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500 Awning

500 Awning


The 500 awning windows are excellent when used to comfortably control air flow.

Superior Performance and Enhanced Comfort

See Richlin Window performance chart.


Made with double strength glass. Easy cleaning, maintenance free, adjustable hinge, triple weather strip, and dual durometer glass stops.


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  • 3 1/4 inch frame – Makes for fast and easy replacement and utilizes your existing window frame.
  • Nailing Fins – For new construction or to insure water tight installation when removing your existing window frame.
  • Brickmold – Architecturally correct brickmold and sill nose will not detract from home’s originality.
  • Jamb Extension – Jamb extensions come factory applied. They are available in any wall depth up to 7 inches. They are available in maintenance-free vinyl clad or natural wood, giving you plenty of options to match your decor.

Foam Filled

Insulated frame and sash is the most cost effective way to improve the thermal performance of your window.

Interior Colors

In solid colors of white and beige or select one of our three woodgrains to add your own unique personal touch.

Exterior Colors

In solid colors of white and beige or select one of our AquaSur Tech colors. This is a well-tested and field proven coating system that provides outstanding protection against all weather conditions and assures long lasting satisfaction. AquaSur Tech is an organic waterborne coating system and has been tested to AAMA and ASTM standards.

Internal Grids

Internal grids are an easy way to beautify your home giving it individuality and curb appeal. Available in colonial, prairie and custom patterns.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

A non-removable feature added to the exterior and interior of windows to give a traditional look.

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